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Favorite 4L80 Controller?

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Ok guys. I thought I learned my lesson on how to only buy once, but yesterday my 2004R failed in a very loud but not so spectacular way.
So rather than fool with it, I am going with a 4L80. Hindsight is 20-20, and I should have done this to begin with...

I have barely started looking, but this kit above seems good to me.

Does anybody have one that might work better, or be more of a value?

I like my bench seat, and column shifter so being able to dial in my shift points is one thing that I really need. There will be nothing too fancy about the trans. No transbrake, or manual shifting needed. Just needs to wring out to 7200ish RPM and not go BOOM like the 2004R did.
I have a Freakshow Converter being built, and my 4l80 core will be here tomorrow. The trans builder says the 4L80 is comfortable with 1000 HP, and I am nowhere near that.

87 MC SS 427 SBC
259/267 @.050 Mechanical Roller
8.5 10 bolt with soon to be 3.90s or 4.10s
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Well up until recently I would say spend the cash on a microsquirt. You still need to add a few things but it has great support.

Something I am drooling to try out is the new Speeduino units.

Here is someone building one which frankly gives you the best bang for your buck.

Ok ok. Dont be totally intimidated. It runs tuner studio by design which is a powerful easy to use tool. You can taylor build it the board how you want for what you want.
Then you can tune it for that transmission or upgrade.

But like I said. I have not melted any soldier on a board just yet myself. But several others have.

It is one of those things the how to and tech is out there for you to do it. You just need to be willing to do it. I could give you examples but you can search for the tech and make your own decisions on the route you can go.

The best parts mean nothing without proper tuning. These are very basic and cheap boards with software that allows for errors and (previous saves).

As far as bang for buck Speeduino is the best current option I can think of. Your going to save more by building one. But there are people who will build them depending on your requirements. Of course at the core it is designed for you to tune it.
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I've had the USshift controller in the wagon for about 10 months and it is working great. Only minor complaint is the small screen is impossible for me to read while driving, but I'm only trying to satisfy my curiosity since all the inputs are done on my laptop prior to firing up the engine. Controller is for a heavily modified 4L80e in a '65 Catalina Safari wagon with a stroker 496 Pontiac engine that started life as a 455. Plenty of horsepower and torque and shifts are set for 6,000 with both hands on the steering wheel. Downshifting was probably the most challenging setup but we found the magic inputs on our own without harassing the techs. Have only read about other manufacturer's units so don't know if we picked the best one - but no complaints with the USshift controller.
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Thanks. Just an update for this thread, I'm seriously leaning on going with the Edelbrock controller. I already have the Proflo 4 injection on this car, and they are supposed to play nice together. Just two wires to hook up to the Proflo pigtail, and the transmission controller can read inputs for RPM and throttle position.
I already have my freak Show converter, and my tail shaft has been sent in for the speedometer gear install. My transmission guy has the core, and he is working on it right now. I also have received my new crossmember already too.
The car went 11.7's at the track. This is with a 342 gear which crossed the finish line at about 4,800 RPM. Also the car was short shifting at around 5500 rpm. So I never really was up on the cam at all. I was too scared to manual shift at the track, but started manual shifting it the next day when I got home and I could tell the difference in the way it ran. But shortly after that the 200 4r gave up the ghost. Something went boom! And now I have 14 neutrals. But the park pawl still works!
I will be installing some 410 rear gears along with stronger axles in the very near future. And I'm sure this car will be in the tens very easy!
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