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Well up until recently I would say spend the cash on a microsquirt. You still need to add a few things but it has great support.

Something I am drooling to try out is the new Speeduino units.

Here is someone building one which frankly gives you the best bang for your buck.

Ok ok. Dont be totally intimidated. It runs tuner studio by design which is a powerful easy to use tool. You can taylor build it the board how you want for what you want.
Then you can tune it for that transmission or upgrade.

But like I said. I have not melted any soldier on a board just yet myself. But several others have.

It is one of those things the how to and tech is out there for you to do it. You just need to be willing to do it. I could give you examples but you can search for the tech and make your own decisions on the route you can go.

The best parts mean nothing without proper tuning. These are very basic and cheap boards with software that allows for errors and (previous saves).

As far as bang for buck Speeduino is the best current option I can think of. Your going to save more by building one. But there are people who will build them depending on your requirements. Of course at the core it is designed for you to tune it.
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