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Everyones idea is a good one below as most any household object can be used as a female mold provided the glass does not etch into it. IOi would give anything a good couple coats of a good carnauba wax or any that has silicone in it.
I would lay the total laminate thichness at no more than 3/16 as you will also be laminating it to the body. Make sure you grind of your facing panels that are getting adhered together very thourogh with a rough cut such as 24 thru 36 grit. As Stinkin says get the mat and not woven glass as it has its own uses.
On my ataching points I like to go at least a foot back so I can drape my sheets of laminate as one were feathering in a paint job and build it up very slowly. Let the first harden before applying the next as to minimize the distortion of the glass.
Another thing is on mixing the resin and catalyst is a proper ratio. It is very important on the life of the glass. Catalyst levels should be between 1% to 3% by weight not volume. So a scale is very helpful but not necasary if you are familar with working with such. Just think one gallon of catalyst will treat 50 gallons of resin at 2%. Never mix it as heavy as you do bondo.
After Your box is atached you should have miminal filler work that could be filled with plastic such as common body filler or better yet a duramud.
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