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Hi guys,

I was wondering what makes a good fiberglass job good.

What I want to do is make my own hood scoop. I have the general idea of what shape I want. I have no experience with fiberglass. Let me know if I have my steps correct.

1. I want to carve the general shape of my scoop into a piece of 1.5" insulation.

2. Then do I lay down the "kitty hair" on top of the shape and brush coats of fiberglass onto the kitty hair?

3. Once the top coats are hardened I will remove the form from the underside and apply fiber glass to the bottom of the kitty hair

4. Once I have done that I want to sand it to the desired shape.

Do I have the general idea right here? How many coats of fiberglass should I actually use?

Any tips on working with fiberglass? Like I said I want to know what makes a good fiberglass job good. I don't want to have it crack out down the road.

Again, I am new to body work and fiberglassing but I would like to learn. I am willing to spend time learning, but as always guidance is nice:thumbup:


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Glass work

Go here for some more info..

Start with making a mold plug..this is an exact shape of the finished part..usually carved from wood and made to fit..then we pull a mold from the plug..once this is done then we make a part..

the plug is made smooth and shiny as any imperfection in the plug will show up in the finished part..once the plug is completed we then wax it with mold release wax and then lay down a coat of molding gel coat..then we lay down glass at least 2 or 3 times the thickness of the finished part..apply the reinforcing material to the mold and then pull the mold..

Then we can make parts..generally on a car for a lasting part it takes 5 layers..mat.cloth,mat,cloth,mat..

If you get the idea that a good fiberglass part involves a lot of work.yup sure does..

By the time one gets a one off glass part done it could have been made in metal a couple of times..

Look up the old posts from Randy ferguson on metal finishing..this can get you started on a good direction..:)
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