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Make molds. Draw up what you want it to be shaped like and make a 3D mold of each peice the same way I taught you how to make the exsterior body panels. Take out the original interior, but make sure to label all wires and connectors especially in a newer computerized vehicle. I'm sure Weimer can tell you how many wires and gadgets are under that dash and consol, its chalked fill. Make the mold with the same attaching method as the original dash so it will just bolt right in. Make sure the interior mmatches the exsterior or it will have been done in vein. If you would send me a picture of your actual vehicle I will, throughout the next week or so, sketch up a rough idea of both the exsterior and interior for you so you can get busy on the molds. What kind of gauges are you planning on using? Digital or analog?

I would preffer one picture of each for best reffrence:
  • Direct front, correct horizontal shot
    Direct rear, correct horizontal shot
    Side, correct horizontal shot
    Dash, overall (entire) perspective
    Consol, overal perspective

Correct horizontal means a picture with absolutly no angle, up, down, left or right, just straight. Use the horizon line as a reffrence.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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