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Originally posted by bomo:
[QBand by the way if you take no other info to heart listen to this one thing " never under any cercumstances use any body products that are not caytalized products" this in todays world is a very big thing. don't think you can shoot laq. primer becase it will be hidden by your caytalized base coat clear coat it wont work

I have a question on this bomo. You say never use uncatylized products uder the BC/CC. I have been using a laquer based build primer and then a catalized epoxy sealer over it before the BC/CC. All the products were recommended by my local paint store. I have had no problems with the topcoat.

I bring this up, because in my opinion the laquer based build primer is easier to work with and much faster drying. What are your thoughts on this. Anyone else as well.......

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