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Fiberglass Repair

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Does anyone know of a school, or course I can take to learn fiberglass repair on corvettes. I've bought some vidio's ,but, I need some hands on instrutions. I can travel anywhere in the USA. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,Ron
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They usually have a few short but informative classes and lectures at the annual Corvette Homecoming at Beech Bend in Bowling Green every year.There are several vendors there also showing
off there products and how to use them.When I started on mine I just went slow and thin gradually building up areas that needed it and block sanding, over and over for about a year.
Just make sure to keep everything clean or it will show back up when you get to the painting stage.Good Luck on your Corvette.
Ron, I don't know of any schools but you might check at some local boat repair facilities. I think most people are pretty much self trained working with glass. I did go to Ranger boats in Ark.,and I will be going to Baja in ohio in march for glass and gelcoat repairs. They are only 2-3 day classes but they help. You might check with some fiberglass companies to see if they could help also. Good luck and let us know what you find out.
I have done a few fiberglass repairs,and what i learnedwas just through experiance.I did arepair on a 73 corvette.The car goes together in sections.I actually replaced the bottom half of the fender.When you take off sections make sure you clean the seam real good.3M has some real good stuff called panel bond.It`s a 2part mixture.3m gaurentees its as strong as a factory weld in an accident.As far as repairing spots, I prefer fiberglass mesh[less messy],then just follow the instructions on the can of resin.With alittle practice you`ll be doin good
Thanks to Scott and everybody for the fiberglass repair tips.
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