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Hello all!

Did Google search for the effects (or non-effects), of

Marvel Mystery Oil. This forum was selected by a website


Just bought a 1990 Ford Bronco II w/ 2.9 liter 6 cylinder.

Have read HORROR stories of the ticking, and false oil

pressure readings along w/ CRACKED CYLINDER HEADS,

via the internet. (searched on Google for these stories).

Seems that there are good and bad stories.

Had the cooling and transmission flushed.

Engine ticks! According to Chilton, rocker arm assembly

can be adjusted. Having this done 11/30/04.

But must say, (vehicle has 76k), this is a fun vehicle.

Put some money into this to baby it along.

Looking to add some good oil to the engine to help it

along. Pure synthetic is not recommended by "my"

mechanic. A Ford mechanic suggests Castrol. So I am

taking the middle road, and getting Castrol "High Mileage"

blend, but hoping to add 1 quart of Marvel Mystery Oil to

this mix. Hence this whole forum adventure.

Will pursue to see what you and others have written

on the mystery of Marvel Mystery Oil.


Mike D.:welcome:

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Thanks for writing.

The mechanic(s) suggest that since synthetic is so good, it

might find its way through seals and actually get through the

(pistons?), and actually cause the synthetic to burn!

Putting in Castrol High Mileage blend today. Since this oil is

supposed to seal, maybe i will change the oil in 1 month, and

put a thick blend of synthetic in.

Any suggestions on the manufacturer of synthetic?

Also, one web post suggested a Lucas mixture of exact

proportions with 4 quarts of Quaker synthetic. (He has the same


Thanks again for your time and professional input.

Mike D.
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