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:welcome: Hello,

Pontiac Firebird 1976

Planing to install FiTech Go EFI 4 and add magnetic distributor so EFi could control ignition.

Problems is where to connect tach as in magnetic distributor there is no such option.

FiTech Go EFI 4 also does not have option where to connect tach.

Any advice how to connect tach to show RPM.

Will MSD Tach Signal GMR Pickup solution work? :confused:

Thanks in advance !!!

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According to the instructions, it appears that when you are using the ignition control feature provided by the GoEFI4 ECU and a magnetic distributor, the green and violet wires connect the ECU to the magnetic trigger in the distributor, and the coil is wired just like a points system, with the ECU getting rpm trigger off the coil negative post via the Black wire....since this isn't a CDI system like MSD where they prohibit connecting anything but the orange and black wires from the CD box to the coil because they are greatly stepping up the voltage to the coil via the CD box, you would just connect the tach like normal with the Go EFI4, to the coil negative along with the Black from the GO EFI.

A call to FITech I'm sure would clear this up, but the wiring schematic appears that way and makes no mention of the Go EFI controller being a high voltage Capacitive Discharge(CDI) system. No CDI system means tach hook-up is just like normal, signal comes from coil negative post.
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