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first hotrod

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Hi!! i'm glad i found this forum, it seems like there is a lot of good info to be found here. i am about to get my first "hotrod". i was on my way to work one morning and i drove by a 56 chevy pickup. i knew i had to have it. the body and frame appear to be in good shape, but it will need new engine, tranny, etc. probably alot of things before i'm done. the asking price is... 650.00 dollars!!! i would be crazy not to get it right? and even if it becomes too much of a project for me, i'm sure i can always find another buyer. hopefully the truck is still there in 2 weeks so i can save up the extrra cash to get it. thanks everyone for all of the future help i'll be asking for.
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Another hot rod PU truck!!

56 Chevy is COOL!!! Air ride....chopped top....frenched lights and a blower motor...right?? Make a project journal and be ready to change as ideas come to you!!


Rat Rdos Rule!!
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