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Hello all - just a quick intro.
I'm from Richmond, Virginia hot rodding since I was 12. I have owned AMC. Mopar, and Oldsmobile. Current ride is a 69 Javelin with a late model 360/727 TF and an 8.75 Chrysler rear. Now I'm going main stream... sort of. My current project is a 92 Nissan D21 pick-up with a 351W. Well at least the engine is Big 3. Now, why am I doing this? Necessity. The Nissan blew the four-banger, and I have an 86 E350 that looks like it was shot at and missed and ***** at and hit.This motor NEEDS to go into something else and I need to teach my 12yo son to work on cars so I don't have to when I get old(er). By the way, If you need some 86 E350 parts send me a message.Well I guess that's enough for now. Thanks for having me.

Carroll Thurston
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