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Sully and Trick66... (from post "John Deere Blitz Black")

It sprayes like any other paint with the proper ratio of reducer and such. Use a JD primer to shoot over existing paint or bare metal. They sell JD BB and primer in spray can size so you can experiment with varied primered or bare metal surfaces.
A clear Coat cant be used for the Blitz Black unless a flattening agent is mixed in. And it defeats the purpose if a clear is applied. The JD BB is widely used for the satin/suede/flat look as seen on old school Rat Rods & Rods alike. And its $$.$$ instead of $$$$.$$. Take a look at Jesse James ride the 54 Chevy ****initupagain as seen on the new Auto Zone TV add, and on the WCC site under "Whips" I called House of Kolor and talked to "the man", they use a HOK black (or any PPG black) with a HOK (or any) flattening agent. to get the flat look for the 54 and his other rides. The purpose for the JD BB is so the car will have the unfinished "look" of a flat black primer yet have a skin on it that you can beat the piss out of and it will stand up. And for pennies to repair compared to others. It is also has a good UV blocker and will hold up to any weather. Where a bare black primer will soak up water and oils. There is another option that is probabally the best flat black coating Ive found. And its pricey. By Color-Rite. Its called Asphalt (#MQ2818) and the Egg Shell (#P-FKT600) clear coat kit for it. It is the best looking true flat black Ive seen. And its strong. Honda put this color on its 03' 919 Motorcycle if you want to look at the color and finish.
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