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flush mount windows

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i want to flush mount the front windshield,and rear window on my 48 chevy p.u [like a new car] any ideas. thanks for the help
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You can search the forum for posts with the keyword V-Butt or V BUTT or VBUTT, etc.. Here's a quick run-down anyway.

The rear window is easy, the trick will be getting the right weatherstrip around the edge. It really depends how deep the lip is set into the bodywork back there. You'll see what I mean if you set a piece of glass or cardboard mockup on the back of the cab where the window will go... If you really wanted flush-mounted glass, you might have to cut that lip off, move it toward the inside of the cab more and then weld it back in.

The front windshield is pretty straight-forward. Cut your glass a little bigger, with a bevel in the center. The bevel should be parallel on both pieces of glass when they sit in the windshield opening so about 15 degrees or so. Glue the glass in with the black urethane goop used in modern vehicles, with clear silicone down the center. You can use a push-in T molding for weatherstrip, some guys have even done it using the original windshield gasket. That's the gist of it, it really isn't much more complicted.

The real good trick is to silicone the two pieces first, duct tape across them to hold them at the right relative position and then glue the whole thing into the truck.

A tip for making a glass pattern a bit bigger is to find a washer with a 1/8" ring. Put the original glass down on some poster board, put the washer up against it and a pencil in the middle of the washer. Then just trace the outline.
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