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flush mount windows

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i want to flush mount the front windshield,and rear window on my 48 chevy p.u [like a new car] any ideas. thanks for the help
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that should be a simple job.. remove the old rubber, determine how much you need to bring the glass forward, cause winshield kits as they are called come in different thickness. clean the pinchweld (area the glass sits on) with a glass primer or laquer thinners ok also. install the butel tape (windshield kit) on the pinchweld. clean the underside,edge and face of the windshield and prime that area with primer. set the windshield on rubber blocks about 14 in on either side. push the glass against the tape being careful that you sit it in just right the firt time cause you can't move it once it touches the tape.

good lock

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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