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Greetings Rodders!
I am the proud owner of the ‘66 Mustang Coupe pictured. I am the third owner, purchasing it in 2015 from the longtime (30+ yrs) second owner who had it comprehensively restored in 2010. The original 289 motor was toast, so a correct date-coded replacement was used as the base for the 331 Stroker that presently resides between the fenders. The original C4 was thoroughly rebuilt with the addition of a shift kit. The car was otherwise restored as built from the factory with regard to color, interior, wheels and accessories.

Last year, I took it to the shop (Blue Sky Restorations in Budd Lake, NJ) that turned the once neglected turd into the bronze stallion you see now. The shop’s present owners, Jeff & Jesse, had just been hired in 2010 and this car was in fact the FIRST one they worked on! They were VERY excited to see it again and were even more delighted at how well it had held up over the years. My visit was more than just a reunion of creators & created. I brought the car to have a wee bit more fun, comfort & style installed- power steering, 5-speed, new wheels/tires, dyno tuning and some under-hood eye candy!




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