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Hey everyone,

I will start off with a little bit about myself, then I will tell you about the project I'm starting soon. This is the first forum I have ever registered with and used. I am 25 years old. I was recently discharged from the Army last August. I served 6 years as a military police officer. Was in Germany for 3 years, 1 tour to Afghanistan (2009-2010), then to Fort Campbell, KY for a year. Now I work for the Vigo County Juvenile jail as a corrections officer. Now to the real reason I'm on this forum. I recently purchased an 84 Camaro Z28 for $1800. It was a steal. I thought it was all stock until my step dad and I got to looking at it. It was suppose to have a 305 TPI in it. But to the best of our knowledge so far it was swapped with a 350. The only other parts that aren't stock are the following:
Chrome timing
Everything else is stock. It has 75000 miles (on title) and has a straight body. Now to the good part. My step dad is an experienced mechanic (32+ years), and a guy at his shop has a Keith Black 383 stroker set up. All I need is a 350 block and then send it off to get clearenced. Oh and the KB stroker stuff is only going to cost me $450 bucks, the guy is hard up for cash and that's the deal he is cutting me. And of course after we get the engine built we will then get all the odds and ends taken care of. After the important thing are done, its off to the paint booth to get the blackest black there is. Thanks for reading. I think I will start a blog of the whole process so everyone can see it from beginning to end. And the link below is the only way I could figure out how to get a pic up.
C:\Users\Shane\Downloads\2013020995170435 (1).jpg
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