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Following in 'Trees' footsteps

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I thought I would carry on in Trees footsteps, concerning where the board started, and why we continue to come here. I didn't want anyone to have to wait for the pix to load, so, check out the pix in my Photo Gallery . Shop1-3 are from the shop I work in. We build 1965 AFX's and 1968 Dart SS cars ONLY. The Charger is a barter deal with the excavation guy, for site prep for the shop. Every car that leaves the shop has a Hemi, with at least 426 ci.
I hope you enjoy,
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You gota love those Anglias!! Got to hang out at the strip with my friends buddies in the late 60s. They had an Anglia called the "Hop Toad" for the way it launched. It had an injected Hemi in it, they eventually went to a clutchflite and it was a whole lot more drivable after that, But not as much fun to watch.. I was looking at the interior picture and had one question. Can you reach the dash once belted in? You'll see in my gallery that I have RCI belts in my Vette and I had to relocate the wiper switch, heater controls and radio because I couldn't reach them once belted in.. The things you learn after the fact! :thumbup:
man you gotta clean up your gallery, my drool's all over it:drool:

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Bob, Is the Dart yours too. That's a nice ride. The Anglia is incredible too.

Unfortunately, the Dart is not mine,both of them are customer cars, I own the Anglia..
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