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For the newbs.

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A little encouragement for the newbies. (OK, I'm also strutting a bit) My son was 14 when we started this project. I had never built a hot rod. We found a project. He drew up the plans. We bought a welder and he taught himself. We got a paint gun and a friend gave him tips. Bit by bit we bought tools, parts, supplies. With a lot of help from this site we muddled through. We did everything. Mechanical, chopping the top, body work, paint, all but the actual stitching of the upholstery. Yes, some of it was done more than once. But here is the message. YOU CAN DO IT.
No special talent here. Just patience and perserverance. [And most of your nights and weekends for 4 years]. He's 18 now and headed for college soon.

28 Ford Tudor Sedan - 4 inch chop - 327 with a stick shift - Air Conditioning and a big sound system. A teenagers view of a hot rod.

Special thanks to Henry Highrise. Lots of help and encouragement, especially back in the bgeginning when we didn't even know how to ask the right questions.


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What a pleasant surprise...glad to know that I was some kind of help to ya. That is one good looking just reeks Hot Rod...I like it. You guys really did a great job. I can guarantee you this...those 4 years you spent working with your son on that car will never be forgotten by him. I am almost 65 now and I think of stuff like that that my Dad and I did together all the time. I fish a lot now and everytime I am in the boat my Dad is with me in my heart.
Looks great.
Not bad for a couple of Noobs. :thumbup:
Fantastic work, and a lifetime of memories. :thumbup:

That is an awesome story and an awesome Ride. What a testimony to basic Hot Rodding.

I just pray that he knows how important the memories will be from "wrenching with his oldman" - - PRICELESS

Oh, is he taking the 28 to college? :cool: :D :mwink:
for the newbs

Rachet.. Topic of the day.. In the beginning we were so naive. "daily driver" "first car" etc. Couldn't take 2 years to build, could it? Other than periods of test and tune, it wasn't ready for daily use, so he's had other cars. It has also grown in significance. Where to store it, how to keep it safe, etc. So, He's going to leave it home the first semester, maybe take it later.

Thanks for the kind words guys. Those years 15, 16, early 17 had some real testy father/son episodes. Typical growing up crap. The Hot Rod was kind of an anchor. After a cooling off period we'd be back in the shop, common ground.

I have my next project lined up, but it just won't be the same.
Priceless all the way around. Hat's off. :thumbup:
Great looking project. And count your blessings. Not every father/son can find a shared passion and a shared time together. I tried every trick I could think of to get my own son interested in building hot rods when he was young...but his passion was for music...not cars.

In the long run it paid off. He's now 31 and makes a decent living as a musician, doing every day what he loves to do. But I would give my left arm to have done what you did together with your son. The memories will be priceless forever.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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