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I'm upholstering my Dad's Ford 34 kit car. I've got the door panels bench seat, roof and dash to do in that order.

He's looking for a black and white interior (though I've mentioned that he might want to be careful with the white - he's an engineer and isn't always careful, even if he'll regret it).

He's consider vinyl (or leather substitute), or a modern fabric you see on car roofs (haven't researched the name - looked knitted, has a foam back and slightly stretchy making curves easier).

Want's a more English or individual style - not american (mostly affects the direction of the stitching , but keeps me clear of some styles he doesn't want). He's thinking of pin stripes, piping and black and white materials - or black on black with stitching.
The seat is a bench seat, with padding on the edges and middle, which he wants to keep. He has original seats for me to build on, even has the old horse hair padding in them. - I'm likely to replace them which some foam, as they've been compressed from wear a little too more. I also have to replace the backs - with the canvas and rubber, looks like to keep the tense and provide more back support.

I'll be posting more when I come to needing more specific advice, but I could use any tips and advice you have to offer. I know I have some options in construction and been allowed to go where I want with this project. But I want it to as good as possible for my Dad.

I'd also like your opinions on the idea to 'quilt' the seats fabrics into diamond shapes- It's where you stitch into the foam to create a grid on an angle and then stitch further into the material in each square, to create a square in the square of the grid. Creating an overall diamond affect on the fabric. Where it raises in the diamond and very little outside of it due to the stitching.

Also do you cut the fabrics on the bais for the stretch? this is across the diagonal of the fabric - though I've seen professional interiors that don't.

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Cutting on the bias is more used for welting (which you are calling "piping") to reduce the amount of fabric used up by welts. The problem with that is that it also adds a lot of extra seams. I never cut fabric or welting on the bias, for any reason, and especially vinyl or faux leather. Using stretchy fabric is actually worse than using fabric that doesn't stretch as much. Anybody who has ever done seat covers out of leather will tell you what a curse leather's stretchiness is.
Do NOT put the bench seat back together without
replacing the padding on both the seat bottom and seat back with foam. Check this tutorial out: That would be like replacing your pistons and using the old rings. Mice love cotton and burlap to make nests out of. Personally, I discourage my customers from using any amount of white on seat covers, because it won't stay white for long, but the customer is always right. As far as quilting goes, it's a personal preference , but it is very old school in this day and age.
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