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Im considering replacing my 10 bolt on my custom hot rod truck with a ford 9". Ill be running a 400rwhp ls1 and the 10 bolt is a stock non-posi unit. Probably a good idea to replace it right?

Ive got a couple 9" rears laying around that should work or i can find more. Ill need a posi unit, probably different gearing and a disk brake kit. Can someone point me in the right direction for these parts? Maybe a general price range i should expect to pay?

What about changing the lug pattern to 5 lug chevy?

Id imagine my stock driveshaft wont work with the ford 9" either..where can i get a new one?

thanks alot
oh here is a picture of it...
no its not a "low-rider" ...i think of it as a street rod stuck in a trucks body:D


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To change a wheel bolt pattern you either ;

get new axles & rotors,

re-drill the axles and disc rotors

use wheel adapters to change the bolt pattern.

In my opinion adapters are unsafe
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