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Ford C6 overdrive unit

I have a over drive unit that bolts up to a ford c6 transmission..... the actual overdrive unit is a r11 Borg Warner overdrive unit. I have the adapter plate and a output shaft that is cut to fit the planetary of the Borg Warner unit... these parts are new and have never been installed. I have pages and pages of blueprints on how to build them and instructions how to put them together. the r11 Borg Warner unit is a 30 overdrive.... so you can use your 411 gears on the street and then engage the overdrive for the highway... $800. Cash ... this is a one-of-a-kind adapter that was made in 1980 you will not find another one..... another cool option is when the overdrive is engaged and you let off of the gas the overdrive unit will free wheel and your engine will not rev as you're going down the road until you give it gas again.. this freewheel option will work down to about 25 miles per hour... which is kind of cool so when you're going down the highway you want to let off the gas for little while your engine will idle when you're doing 70 miles an hour..... 630 546 one 912.. Call or text

Asking Price: $800.00
Condition: Excellent

Location (City, State, Country): Oswego, Il
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