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The Busted Knuckle Garage posted on their Facebook page today about Ford's new 1.0 liter, 3 cylinder Ecoboost engine making about 120 hp and 125 lb/ft torque. I went ahead and looked it up and it is slated to start showing up in production cars as of April 2012 in Europe, making its way state-side by 2013.

Those are some strong number for a only 1-liter, 3-cylinder. I think it would be great in a light car. Perfect for a daily driver with with some punch and fuel economy.

Another member mentioned in another thread about the power of the new V6 engines being offered ("Impressive new generation of V-6's......."). There has been discussion on the sixes replacing the V8s. Could the new 3-cylinder be doing the same to the 4?

Some of the article I found:

"Three Is the New Four as Engines Downsize"

"EcoBoost Gets Smaller: Ford Shows Its Three-Cylinder In Frankfurt"

More Google results...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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