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Ford Engine Sizes

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I am starting to look for a 60's - 70's car to restore and turn into a "Pro-Street" car for crusing etc. I have always built chevy cars but am thinking about trying a Ford. Can a big Block Ford engine like a 460 cid engine be put into a car like a Ranchero, Torino or Fairlane 500 ? I know which size engines will fit chevys but not Fords. Breifly , what big Blocks does Ford Make ?Thanks for your help, I look forwad to hearing from the Experts out there.

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332-428 were put into fords from 58-70 and were the fe engine family'then came 429-460. basicly if you build something prior to 70 an fe engine is pretty much bolt in ,they also fit back to 54 easily with the proper mounts. Starting in 68 429s started showing up in some cars,thunderbird, mercury,lincoln and other full size ford products. They will back fit but are much more work to install. This is a very basic outline and there are some exceptions once you know exactly what year and body you will use that will help determine what engine you might want to use. :D
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