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203bronco89 said:
just bought a ford v8 flathead and i was told it was an 8ba 49-53 motor. where would i find #'s to tell me the info on this motor. there is no bellhousing or trans.
Here are some notes, taken from various places including Vanpelt Parts:

To start with, engines after '38 had 24 head studs, 21 studs before then. 1949-'53 engines used bolts, not studs.

'49-up water outlets were moved from the center of the heads to the front corners. The engine was cast w/o an integral bell housing like the preceding engines.

The "8BA" represents a V8 '49-'51 Ford, 8CM is Merc.
'52 and '53 Fords and Mercs were EAB and EAC, respectively.

'49-'53 V8 flatheads came in 239 cid Ford (3.1875" x 3.750") and 255 cid Merc (3.1875" x 4.000") sizes.

If you can still see any original paint, Ford’s were usually dark blue in 1949. They changed to bronze in late '49 thru ‘51. In ‘52 and ‘53 the Ford’s were an orange-red or green.

Ford truck engines were red in ‘48 thru ‘51, green in ’52 and ‘53.

Merc’s were green in ’49 thru ‘51. For ‘52 and ‘53 they were either green or orange-red.
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