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Ford-Mercury guy joining ranks!

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Newbie joining the hot rodding ranks...danger, warning! I am an old ford guy so don't attack me Chevy or Mopar guys...blame my dad, who started buying Fords in the 40s. My first car was a 64 Ford Galaxie XL 500 Conv with a 390 back in 74. Sold it after restoring it in first year of college. Wow, selling that for $3,000 was not a good thing was it??? Didnt know that it was considered an early muscle car at the time... :confused:

My second car was a 67 Cougar XR7 (bought in Junior year of high school for $100). This is the car that I decided to tear apart the engine and upgrade with new technologies (roller rockers, MSD ignition, etc). Want to make it a mild resto mod and eventually upgrade suspension and brakes as well. Car has a 68 302 with 69 351 Windsor heads on it and has not been running since 91. Have pulled everything off and replacing lots of parts and accessories (alternator, power steering pump, gas tank, fuel pump, water pump, etc) some with chrome and others high performance...good news is that a lot of this stuff is available after market so that is nice! Currently taking heads into machine shop to install AFR 3/8" studs for roller rockers.
I am taking pictures as I go to document the trials and tribulations. I look forward to hanging out with you guys on-line and learning and exchanging great ideas.

Thanks for having me!
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:cool: sounds great. You could start a project journal here and we can watch your progress. :welcome: . Cole
:welcome: glad you joined !
get a journal going here so we all can see the progress. :cool:
i will set up a journal

pulled 69 351 Windsor heads off today and took to machine shop for installing studs and guide plates for roller rockers. A lot of carbon buildup on heads and valves...wondering if it is blow-by past the rings or leaky valve guides...any easy way to easily tell?

thanks much for the welcome!
Welcome Deano! The '67 sounds great,got pictures up?

You have headers with that 67 351W?
Hey Deanos! I too "lean" toward the Ford/Mercs also because of my dad. He had a 64 Comet Cyclone back in the day and now owns a 12 second '94 Mustang GT. Welcome to the forums. Looks like a cool hangout!
Welcome to the site... :thumbup:
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