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ford truck

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My son wanted a late 70s Ford truck, age 14. so I found him one. 3/4 ton 4wd.
Here is my question of the day because I can't remember. the truck has a 400 in it now that is sick, yea I know thats normal. I would like to put a 460 in its place. will a 460 bolt up to the trans that is in it??????
I had the same stlye truck when I was younger, went thru several 400s. I am sure he will too. the 460 will take a lot more abuse that I know it will recieve.
Let me know and thanks in advance
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I'm not particularly a Ford guy, but I seem to remember that the 400/429/460 all had the same bellhousing pattern.
yep tech your right it will work i used to be a ford guy lol
460 swap

It's been about 15 years since I did mine but there is alot to do. the easiest way to do it is to raise the body with a lift get more room. there are companies that used to make the conversion kit. I did not and had to notch the front crosmember and also find the oil pan and pickup tube fron a 460 van that moves the sump; It seems like I had to get the torque converter listed for a 390 c6 I also had to modify power steering pump brackets. there might be factry ones that would have worked. I did my own motor mount brackets. I used the big 735 HD radiator. I think I also used the 460 van oil filter stuff that lets you rotate the filter. they also sometimes work on 302 swaps. the ford hasn't been used for about 10 years. only has 75 K miles. There are 6 pickups on the farm and we are trying to scale down.
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