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Four Cylinder Engine with RWD Manual Trans Options

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I am working acquiring on a project that will get a four cylinder engine and RWD transmission. Anyone building a four cylinder hot rod or anyone have any recommendations for an four cylinder engine that has RWD transmission options. Unlike my other projects, hoping to make this one a budget build, so nothing exotic please (at least not for recommendations - I always love to see what other people are working on).

HP target is around 200 (project vehicle will weigh around 1500 lbs so big power is not required). Working with Fuel injection and ECU is preferred for power and efficiency.
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If i had more money and time (which i don't, so this won't happen soon...), i would want to try the GM/chevy "122" engine. This came largely in the J-bodies from 82-ish to about 2003.

But remember, it also came in the s-10's for a while, so you've got plenty of RWD transmission options.

There was a turbocharged version in the sunbird for a while which made 150hp, so i'm thinking 200hp shouldn't be a stretch either super/turbo or N/A.

Iron block / alum head. i don't think there was an alum block (although not 100% certain). i think around 300-320 lbs.
The sunbird engine may have been the "brazil" engine, not the 122. i need to do more in-depth research. "Brazil" engine = overhead cam, 122 engine = pushrods.

Nevertheless, i'm confident that the 122 engine can handle 200hp "no problem." (Just remember where the advice is coming from.....:))
What 122(2.0) are you refering to?

To my knowledge every NA fuel injected ohc 2.0 has been transverse.

Except for the turbocharged 2.0 solstice platform. Good luck finding a partout or wrecked turbocharged solstice though.
Sorry for my slow reply.

The 122 engine is the chevy/gm 4 cyl that was in the j-bodies/berreta /corisica etc. and then the s-10 eventually got it. This one was pushrods. Pontiac buick and oldsmoboggie also had a 1.8 - 2.0 but this one was OVC----referred to as the "brazil" engine (i'm ASSuming becuase it was sourced from GM brazil?), but they all may have eventually switched to the chevy 122?

Also, the chevy 122 may have actually been designed by opel?

i'm not super clear on all this.
There are ways to convert the 4G63 to RWD; it was used in the D50 pick up.
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Not sure what your budget is, but BluePrint Engines just released a 4cyl LS derivative.
Did the release it, or are they thinking about releasing it.

Wondiferous if they did.

This block is based on the 153 chevy? Which of course is a chopped chevy straight 6?
Ok, one more suggestion and i'll stop and get back to work; It's basically mental [email protected]#$#tubation on my part, although the OP may find it useful:

The GM LTG 2.0 turbocharged engine (not to be confused with the "122" engine) is not available as a "crate engine" anymore, but IS still available as a service replacement engine. i think this came in the cobalt SS etc. and i think comes in the new base camaro? And since it comes in the camaro, you've got rwd trans choices.

275hp @ 5500
295 tq @ 3000

Pricey, but i think competitive with the Blueprint engine if they ever release it.....

Or maybe find a wrecked camaro and take the whole drivetrain, fuel system, computers etc. out.
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