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Four Cylinder Engine with RWD Manual Trans Options

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I am working acquiring on a project that will get a four cylinder engine and RWD transmission. Anyone building a four cylinder hot rod or anyone have any recommendations for an four cylinder engine that has RWD transmission options. Unlike my other projects, hoping to make this one a budget build, so nothing exotic please (at least not for recommendations - I always love to see what other people are working on).

HP target is around 200 (project vehicle will weigh around 1500 lbs so big power is not required). Working with Fuel injection and ECU is preferred for power and efficiency.
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There are ways to convert the 4G63 to RWD; it was used in the D50 pick up.
:: Project Zero G :: - Transmissions

Not sure what your budget is, but BluePrint Engines just released a 4cyl LS derivative.
Theres always the Nissan/Datsun or Toyota compact pickup truck engines. I like the look of the dual plug motors myself.
A lot of the 2wd pickups came with stick shifts and pretty stiff rear axle gears.

Transmission will not be a close ratio 1st gear roadracer kind of deal, but if you stick to 2, 3 and 4 for performance use...should be pretty damn fun to drive. 4 banger trannies tend to have pretty close ratio intermediate gears.
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