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Originally posted by Centerline:
<strong>You should be fine. The main difference in flux core wire is that it spatters a lot more and you need to grind the welds for them to look really nice. Just make sure you have it on the highest setting so you get good penetration.


I would add to that highest setting without burn out or excess splatter. When I did my S-10 frame I set my 175 Hobart to 2. That is 75%. It is also rated to weld 1/4 inch single pass. I have found it will do it on the 3 setting. 4 is just too hot.

You will just have to practice on a piece the same thickness to see how the machine handles it. They are all a bit different. Wire size also affects how the act. I was using .035.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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