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Hello all. I've spent the past several days reading a ton of threads and how-to's here. You guys certainly know your stuff. I've picked up some good tips but I am still not as confident as I want to be headed into my project.

I bought a new motorcycle the other day. The paint scheme I *had* to have happens to be the only one offered in matte finish. For a number of reasons I'd like to simply paint all the bodywork with clear gloss. Here is what the bike looks like now:

Here is what I purchased this week for the task at hand:
-Finex FX300 spraygun
-PPG DU5 hardener
-PPG degreaser
-Bulldog plastic degreaser
-Tack cloths

I already have a decent compressor w/ tank, as well as a water trap and pressure regulator. I plan to paint in my garage this weekend if all goes well.

There are a total of 13 pieces, all plastic. All are dull unpainted plastic except for the fuel tank which is painted matte. Most parts have some type of decals on them. I've removed all bodywork from the bike and removed anything I don't want painted.

This is my plan so far:

Prep garage - Sweep out garage
Hose down floor of garage
Use fans and heaters to dry out and heat garage
Place open pans of water inside garage to collect dust
String up plastic sheeting for makeshift booth

Prep parts - Wash all parts thoroughly with soap and water. Dry thoroughly.
Clean plastic parts w/ Bulldog
Clean painted fuel tank with PPG DX330
Wipe everything down w/ tack cloth
Hang every body part from hangers so it can be painted from all angles

Prep gun - clean thoroughly w/ solvent then spray a good amount of solvent thru gun. Do test sprays to check settings/adjustments

Paint - Mix 1/2 the bottle of hardener in with the clear. Mix thoroughly and pour into gun cup.
-Paint the back edges and corners (the hard-to-reach places) first then the front. Work from L to R. Stay about 8" away from the surface, working parallel to it at all times
-Spray a total of 3 light coats, waiting 15 mins between coats
-Give the pieces 1 week to dry thoroughly.

Weather is supposed to be 61F this Sunday which is when I would like to do the paint work.

What did I miss? What are my chances of success? I was told this brand of clear would work fine on both the painted tank and the bare plastic pieces and would not harm the decals on the bike. Any reason to doubt that?

Although I've done some airbrush hobby stuff in the past, I have never tried anything quite like this, so I'm all ears.


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Hope it's not too late for a reply.

Is an adhesion promoter nec. in your case? Plastic parts I've painted in auto applications often needed a "softener" just prior to painting to prevent flaking. That's the only thing I can see in question.

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