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Front pump bad?

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I'm in the process of rebuilding my th 350 and at this point not sure whether I should replace the front pump. I checked the straightness of both halfs and seem to be ok but have notice an area where the gears from the front half rest against that seems to ramp down below the rest of the machined surface. I hope the jpeg I provide will expain it better. Is this critical at this location or even normal?


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Front Pump

I would say that if you can drag your nail on it then it is worm beyond service repair. Get a reman pump for it but before you install it...Take it apart and inspect it in that same area to make sure you are getting a good pump. To probably answer your question...I wouldn't run it
I'll take your advice. Thanks
The worn area can be machined by any competent machine shop.
Another critical area is in the body itself.
Where the driven gear meets the crescent. Often this is overlooked and can result in low pressure,
I took it to a transmission shop today and they said the slightly depressed area I was concerned about is normal and allows fluid to flow to the gears. So I guess I'm ok then. Thanks again.
Ok I was under the impression there was wear on the surface.
On closer examination of your pic I see what you were really referring to.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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