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Ok, yet another fiasco in my suspension build on the studebaker. I am using air ride all around. The kit I purchased was designed for a 4" drop, so I am building a 0" clearance for show and 4" for driving.

However, the kit came with shocks that are 9.5" compressed and 14.375" extended. In order to get the 4" drop, even using a 20* angle on the shocks, I must set my shocks up at 13.75" ride height so when dropped, the shocks have .1" of travel left.

The problem being, at ride height, there is only .5" of travel until the shock hits full extension.

So, how stiff are air bags, or in other words, how much travel should I expect while driving? I imagine it will be more than .5" and I know that hitting full extension will be hard on the shocks. Were the wrong shocks sent for this setup?

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