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Fuel air adjustment

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I resently put a crossram on my T-Bucket and am not sure how to set both carbs correctly, any ideas???
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No one has responded, so let me see if I can help you.

By cross-ram, I am assuming the carbs are positioned outwards over the rocker covers, so both carbs idle circuits must be utilized unlike an inline installation whereby the idle circuit of the primary carb is most important.

Once you have established a somewhat stable idle after firing, attach a vacuum gauge to a manifold vacuum source. Enrichen the idle mixture on either carb by screwing out the idle mixture srews until the highest manifold vacuum reading is obtained. Then go to the second carb and repeat. Then slightly turn screws in until the gauge just starts to move. Then you will try to synchronize idle speed on both carbs (if you don't have progressive linkage) and then set up the actuating linkage to have them both synchronized together for proper operation.

You can use progressive throttle actuating linkage on an inline installation, but the system you have chosen requires both carbs to be synchronized for proper response.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse...

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