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Fuel guage wires

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Thanks Doc.
That cured my w/w problem.
Just one more.
Now that my windshield wipers work, I need to know what wires go to the fuel guage.
There are 3 wires.
Which is which?
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Fuel gauge

Doc here:pimp:

What Colors are the wires...?

And If I remember,It's a 69 Camero, right?

Hi Doc,

I think I have it resolved.
The wires are
Tan - From sending unit
Pnk - Switched hot
Blk - Ground
I must have a problem with either the TAN or the Ground.
I can check the Pnk and Gnd.
Then make sure the Tan is transmitting correctly from the tank.

Thanks for all your help.
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Doc here:pimp:

The wires you need are the Tan and Black...

The pink is probably for Electric fuel pump option...DO NOT use it on the sender!! You can have an explosion!!! NO POWER is ever to go into the tank sender!

Ground the Black wire to the trunk floor pan or frame, burnish the paint,. and use a star washer.

Connect the TAN wire to the sender.

Unless you have an electric fuel pump, just tie the pink back.

That 'll Get ya runnin' mon...

Doc :pimp:
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