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fuel lines

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Hey there folks- I am trying to finish up the fuel system on my project car and have run into a little snag and am looking for help. I need to install about 8 feet of 3/8 line from my pump to the regulator. My preference would be to get a length of stainless steel tubing to do the job but I can't find any available in town. So I have a question or two. I have been advised that I should run as much hard line as possible between the tank and carb using only flexible hose where hard line is not doable. Is this correct? Will 3/8 brake line work? I am told that brake line has thinner wall contruction than fuel line and wonder if this is enough to make a difference. I can get all the 3/8 inch brake line I need for the job here in town. Your help is appreciated. Mike
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Unless you want the polished super-rod look of stainless, 3/8" brake line is perfect. Designed for lots of pressure, corrosion resistance, easy bending, it's perfect for gas line. That's all I use.
I'm not sure, but brake line is for that specific fluid isn't it. I would definately make sure it wont deteriorate with fuel use. The last thing you want is the carb and filter getting loaded up with junk. Some materials simply breakdown with non compatible fluids. We have a boatload of stainless tubing at work i'll find out where we got it. I do know it was expensive.

OOOPsss I guess I should have read it more closely.. I'll still check on the stainless..
Yes. 3/8 Brake line will work.. Paint it with an aluminum bearing paint or a zinc rich paint to keep it from rusting. Even chassis black will do. Do not use copper line. The racing rule books used to say no more than 12" of flexible line at any connection.
Thanks guys- Your thoughts are appreciated. Since 3/8 inch steel brake line is available in town I'll go in that direction. Installing this piece will finish the fuel system and then I can pressure check all the fittings. The next big system to tackle is the brakes. I'll likely be looking to this bulletin board for advice. Thanks again. Mike
So, it's NFG to run braided line front to rear?
Ok, I'll have to change my plans.
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