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Fuel problem

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I have a Streetrod with a 350 ZZ4 engine, Complete Edelbrook setup, intake, dual 500 carbs, and manual fuel pump.My problem: the car runs great in town (slow or fast). When I go on a run of 50 miles or more, crusing at 65 all of a sudden it acts as if it has run out of fuel (same sound). You can feather it and it will sometimes clear up for a while. Most of the time it will die. I can pull to the shoulder, wait 3 minutes, start the car up and it will run fine for another 15 minutes or so, then same story. If I get off the Interstate it will run o.k. in stop and go traffic.The car has coil-overs and takes a bump pretty hard. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve
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I had a simular problem. The problem was that my fuel pump was putting out too much fuel pressure. For $20.00 I got a fuel pressure regulator, set it at 5 pounds and my problems were gone!
I thought feul pressure was suppose to be 7 pounds as the last reply was check fuel pressure probably will be you answer
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