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Hello, I've heard good things about this forum so I hope someone can figure this out.

First: my car is a 1976 Chevrolet Monza 1976 2+2 V8 262ci.

This here's a puzzling million dollar question me and my dad have been trying to solve:

the fuel pump line (blue cable in our '76 monza's case) has its 12 volt when putting the switch to on but while being disconnected.

as soon as we connect it to the pump it registers 0volt and inside the dash the [TEMP/PRESS] light comes up.

even with the oil pressure sensor connected it still does the same... only way to get the fuel pump to work is to directly connect the feed to the battery.

Anyone having an idea why?

(ps. the roof light has the same problem, 12 volt, but it drops when a light is in it's place... and also my tach has always been behaving erratically too but I'm not sure if that could be related.)
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