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Ok, I just got back from my local supplier. He's a restorer/builder as well. Been doing this stuff 40+ years.
I was asking him about how to put a return line in my system as it only had a single 5/16 supply line and vented cap on the tank. I changed to a 3/8" pick up and line but was thinking of changing the pick up to one that has a 1/4" vent line and using it as the return.
I'm running an electric pusher pump feeding a mechanical on the engine with two 650 cfm Carter's but I was going to put a bypass regualtor in the system. between the pumps.

Since I'm running an electric pusher pump I was worried about over pressure, deadheading and overheating the pump, hence the bypass regulator and return line. He's seen the 1/4" vent line used as the return since mine has a vented cap but since it dumps right over top of the pick up he's seen it aggitate the fuel causing air in the fuel pick up system.
Solution is to weld a bushing in the tank away from the pick up. Not what I wanted to hear. Other options are an on demand fuel pump but I already have the pumps, or just let it run and take my chances. He doesn't think it will burn out and I do run a mechanical pump on the engine as well.
I do need a regulator somewhere in the system but it does it need to be a bypass type?


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Just a thought here---not knowing what car you have.

But most cars have a vent near the fill pipe of the tank.
Has anyone thought of tapping into the the fill pipe vent???
No aeriation (spelling??) of the fuel if it is being reintroduced to the tank at the fill area.

Most of these vents are 1/2 to 3/4, should not be too hard to tap into it.
Not sure how it would affect the filling of the tank at the gas station though.

I used a 78 Bronco tank in the 59----with a 85 sender and internal pump (sender was not usable so a SW sender was installed in the tank top vent)

I also use a bypass regulator (located in the return line just before the tank).

Thinking ahead---in case I go fuel injection :cool:

Check to see if any other (newer) sender would work in the tank, that already has the return.

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