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Gas Monkey Garage is giving away a Hot Rod - need your help

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Hi Everyone,

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage is giving away a hot rod. We need your help in 2 ways.

1. We need a worthy charity that we can raise money for. We aim to sell T-Shirts in order for people to go into the draw. We want to give the profits to a good charity. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2. We are going to be documenting the build out and posting the film on you tube - The first video is posted. What would you like to see in the build out - specifically???

Check out the video here:
Gas Monkey Garage Hot Rod video

I am adding a couple of pictures of the 31 etc.

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dodgy said:
Just to clarify: Gas Monkey did not post anything on this site. The production company did. They did not ask me to do so or know I was going to.

Please feel free to rail on the production company. :spank:

My original intent was to get feedback on the video not self promotion. Unfortunately it became a rant against rat rods, Richard and or Gas Monkey Garage.

I understand that you may not like the content of the video. I acknowledge your position and your opinion.

I do believe Gas Monkey build quality Hot Rods and Richard and Aaron are quality individuals. I think the many people who have met them or have seen their cars can attest to that. Thanks to those of you who have PM'd me to say so.
Spoken in the cloth of any self-promoting Gas Bag.

If deception doesn't work, revert to distraction.
My original intent was to get feedback on the video not self promotion.
Your intent Sir, was blatant self promotion under the guise of philanthropic selflessness.

Pardon me Sir,,,, Is that fecal matter on your ears??
Unfortunately it became a rant against rat rods, Richard and or Gas Monkey Garage.
I regret to inform you that along with regressive cognitive comprehension your eyesight is suffering from tunnel vision.
A common symptom of ARCI (Acute Rectal-Cranial Immersion) is a patients peripheral vision is limited to the diameter of the patients Bellybutton.

I therefore submit that you in your consideration for a Charitable Organization you include the Institute for ARCI.

As they say, "Charity begins at home!"

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Jon said:
I want to hear from some of our guys with more than 5 posts, and who didn't just register here 12 days ago.

There's a really important reason that Corky Coker won't admit his involvement in this, even though it's blatantly obvious that he's connected. What's the reason?

And re-watch the video that they posted. It's different than the original one that they posted.

Put it together.
It's too bad you feel that way.
I was in the process of posting my credentials and some sage advice as to beating these clowns at their own game.

But hey what do I know...

By the way I've lurked for over a year and registered in Jan 2006 after I felt comfortable with the enviroment.

Thanks for enlightening me...

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poncho62 said:
Don't think that Jon was talking just about you.................many of the posts have been made by new members. It seems strange that so many new members are willing to jump in with their opinions, while us older ones are sitting back waiting to see what happens.
Thank you for your post Poncho, but I do believe it was directed at me.

As a former Admin of a UBB with a userbase of of over 90,000 there is one thing I've learned.
It's the userbase that keeps sites alive, whether they registered yesterday or have 40,000 posts.

You never know who's stepping up to the plate or what they bring with them...

I too have been sitting back and watching (after a couple attempts at levity) but the light at the end of the tunnel isn't looking to be the sun, I was going to offer a way to derail this impending train wreck...
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