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With all due respect...

I am having a hard time understanding why you guys are taking this so far and why you are treating Mr. Coker like you are.

Jon, the guy screwed up and did as you asked at the start and you are now on a witch hunt.

Mr. Coker responded and all you seem to do is keep go after people.

Now you have people showing up to post pictures attacking you and your members.

You have spawned that response...and I don't condone either action.

You did not start this, but you have made it worse and my opnion of you and this board is not what it used to be.

You should have closed this, banned GasMonkey, and moved on sir.

A page dedicated to this, attacks on Coker tire when they are not involved, and minions bandwagon jumping really looks pretty ugly sir.

I hope you can see my point in bringing this up.

I have lurked for quite some time and this really sucks.

Most boards would have stopped this crap long ago.

And yes, I have met Richard. In fact , was probably the first person to call him on the carpet on another board for his antics.

You can take this or leave it. It is just what I feel I am seeing.
1 - 1 of 291 Posts
Not open for further replies.