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Gas Monkey Garage is giving away a Hot Rod - need your help

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Hi Everyone,

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage is giving away a hot rod. We need your help in 2 ways.

1. We need a worthy charity that we can raise money for. We aim to sell T-Shirts in order for people to go into the draw. We want to give the profits to a good charity. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2. We are going to be documenting the build out and posting the film on you tube - The first video is posted. What would you like to see in the build out - specifically???

Check out the video here:
Gas Monkey Garage Hot Rod video

I am adding a couple of pictures of the 31 etc.

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What's up?

Saturday afternoon August 26, 2006

Dear Jonathan,

I just watch your video. You seem pretty proud of it. You mention in your email that we have not responded to you, so you assume,…. Actually your below email dated August 25 is the first I have seen from you. Sorry if it was misdirected or something.

Your parody video is creative and absolutely incorrect. Your video mentions Coker Tire. Coker Tire Company does not have a relationship with Gas Monkey Garage, never done business with them nor have I ever even met this Richard or seen their video you refer to. My brother, David Coker is not an employee of Coker Tire. He has a billet aluminum style wheel company called Newstalgia Wheel, which is also headquartered here in Chattanooga. He is a fine man, runs a fine business and I absolutely do not think you are fair in your representations of him. It looks like my brother just had these guys build a car for him! Explain the crime?!?

Maybe you have some issues with this Richard guy, but making my family or my company the theme of your slam at someone else is not cool. I also think it is down right wrong, probably steps over the legal line too. You correctly indicate, it takes years, and lots of hard work to build a reputation for quality, integrity, and pride. We have done that. We take it very seriously when someone attacks our business or family’s character especially if it is misguided or absolutely wrong in this case. If you have a beef with Gas Monkey or Richard, you really should leave Coker Tire, myself or even my brother out of it.

The car guys and hotrodders I know don’t do this sort of thing? What’s up? Your plan to resolve?


Corky Coker

-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, August 25, 2006 8:50 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: parody video involving coker tire


My name is Jonathan. I'm the administrator for the Hotrodders
Bulletin Board.

I cannot begin to express how disappointed we were to see Coker Tire
consorting with Gas Monkey Garage.

We have created a parody video of Gas Monkey Garage's first
promotional video. We are sending it to everyone we know, and
everyone they know. We feel that it's hilarious and wonderful, and
will be spread around the web swiftly and powerfully.

Here's a link:

Your company is one of the few that has managed to maintain a solid
reputation among the hotrodding community throughout the years, an
extremely difficult task. We are perceiving this as a marketing
blunder, and we hope that you can send us some sort of communication
in response. Or, at very least, an indication that you will no longer
be associating yourselves with such tripe. We are receptive to all
forms of communication, be they subtle or direct.

Gas Monkey Garage spammed our forums, and manipulated our members
with their marketing tactics.

Your failure to respond to my previous inquiries is being interpreted
as a lack of desire to communicate with us. Judging from David
Coker's obvious fumbling over his lines, and his clear lack of greasy
marketing slickness, we feel that Coker Tire is not very skilled at
selling out, or pimping products for the mainstream hotrodding media.


CEO, President, and Janitor:
Administrator, Hotrodders Bulletin Board

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The nice guy quote was about my brother, David Coker. As I told you, I do not know this Richard guy nor ever talked to him or met him.

Seems to me that kicking the guy off your forum would be the smart thing to do if he broke your rules. Life is too short. Seems like a big waste of time to me.

I prefer to talk about cars.


Jon said:

Thanks for taking the time to post publicly in our forum. You are the first company representative involved in this situation to stand up and communicate publicly with us, and that takes guts.

And thank you for responding to one of my multiple emails to Coker Tire.

Regarding the relationship between Coker Tire and Gas Monkey Garage -- in his video, Richard says:

Hence, we parodied this as:

This seems perfectly legal to me, but I'd be happy to discuss it further if you don't think so. If this is generally perceived as unfair, I will edit that section of the video to say: "Is that David Coker? Involved with the Coker family of Coker tire?" However, my preference would be to leave the phrase "Coker Family" out of this, as I think that involving the term "family" may be out of line.

Note how Richard mentions the word "Coker" 3 times in 2 sentences. Once to connect David Coker with the Coker family, and then again to connect the Coker family with Coker tire. This is a semantic method of connecting David Coker to Coker tire.

BTW, regarding legal lines, publicly re-printing emails is a "grey zone". Same with other assumed "private" communications, such as PMs in forums. While there's nothing I'm ashamed to see in the email I sent you, it is something to keep in mind. Spamming forums, as Richard's marketing company has done, is also "technically" illegal.

Also, as we are on the subject of legal issues, it should be made known that using an interstate communications medium, such as the internet, to profit by means of "false pretenses, representations, or promises" constitutes wire fraud, a federal offense.

This is in no way whatsoever an accusation pointed at Coker Tire or Newstalgia Wheel, fine companies, as we have heard. However, we have already had company owners come on this board in the past for these purposes, so I want to make this known before other companies post in this thread. I am still looking into dodgy's spamming of our forums, and his marketing tactics, to see their exact legal classification.

I feel that it was wrong for Coker Tire to allow their good name to be associated with this tripe. I think that you guys are guilty by association, and we have the crappy job of having to call you out on it. If we don't, who will? The mags? The TV shows?

I imagine that you must be embarassed to have to hear the phrase "Coker Family" in a Richard Rawlings video.

Businesses fuel this marketing hype. I feel that calling them out on it will reduce the frequency of such events happening in the future. Every time I mention the "Coker" name in regard to this event, I have tried to specifically point out that they indeed have a great reputation among hotrodders, and that they, like us, have been duped by Gas Monkey Garage, and by the pseudo-badboy prefabricated culture that's being tossed down our throats by television-based hotrodding propaganda.

I also don't feel that "he's a good guy" or "he's a fine man" is a reasonable excuse. I am now receiving communications about how Richard Rawlings is a really good guy, and it was wrong to call him out for this.

Everyone is a "good guy". Perhaps even I am a good guy.

I'm sorry it has to be this way. I don't feel great about it. We are incredibly pissed-off about what's going on here, and we're fighting it the only way we know how. With the recent introduction of mainstream media video clips into internet culture, I fear that the internet will become like television, and that it's our duty to act to prevent it.

This is an American tradition, in line with Saturday Night Live, or numerous talk shows in which special sections are devoted to common political parodies.

Perhaps if companies established direct relationships with hotrodders, rather than communicating to them through the mainstream media, we would not be in this situation in the first place. Our door is always open, but , as of now, there is only a small and select group of companies that have taken the steps to establish a relationship of good faith with the Hotrodders Bulletin Board.

More information can be found in this new page which I've just finished: Monkey Boys Garage.

And still, we await a public and genuine apology from Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage.

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multiple apologies

To all that have read or will read this thread,

The first time I saw this discussion board, it looked to be a quality site with lots of discussion about hot rods and the ability of folks to ask questions of each other. Coker Tire Company does surf around looking around car related discussion forums to see if we can answer questions or see if there are problems that should be solved. On Friday August 25, one of my staff forwarded me a heads up email that the administrator (Jon) of this site had sent to our general inbound email box. Jon indicated that he was disappointed that we were involved with Gas Monkey and clearly wanted us to get involved in his (Jon’s) fight. He had already created and posted his video when he sent us the first email received. I posted on this thread stating that we do not know Gas Monkey, did not think it cool to involve us in Jon’s personal little war and asked for resolution which meant leave us out of it. Jon ridicules my answers and turns everything I said into some sort of threat. I never threatened anyone. I left Sunday noon for meetings in Canada. Monday comes and one of our guys, Andy, reads the thread slamming us for no real reason and obviously gets mad and posts (without authorization). He calls Jons names, silly names. Jon looks up the IP address and posts that it is my IP address, so it HAS to be me. It wasn’t. There are over 50 computers here at Coker, all with the same IP address all used by different employees. The manager of the Customer Service department, Jess posts an apology for Andy’s clearly misguided post. Although Andy is a very loyal young man and felt the need to stand up for me, he should not have and now feels like he accomplished the opposite he was trying to do. Andy didn’t help. He was foolish to be sure. I am sorry if Jon thinks I am a liar and a jerk. I’m not.

I am sorry that I allowed the administrator of this site to pull me into this which is exactly what he was trying to do to begin with. Gas Monkey should not have used our name. I don’t know them. should not have used our name either. Just because someone else says something, it doesn’t either make it so, make it right, or true. I don’t care for any “anti-Christ” statement at all.

I am also sorry that I did not remember what my grandfather taught me about walking through the field at our farm growing up. He told me that when you pass a greenish black pile in the field, don’t step in it, don’t stir it with a stick, just walk around it. When you interact with that pile at all, it smells….so just avoid those piles. Although I feel like the pile was picked up and thrown at me and the Coker name, I still am sorry for interacting with it. Last time you will hear from me. By the way, I agree that we all should work hard to get young people involved in hotrodding correctly. I really do not believe this is the way.


Corky Coker
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