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There's a lesson to be learned here folks.
There is no "ambiguity" on the internet.
Think twice about what you have to say, and to whom ... before hitting that [Reply] or [Upload] button.

Be responsible and mature ... which is pretty much the theme of this entire post.

If a bunch of guys like us can do this kind of "big brother" thing, just imagine what the FBI (or similar agencies) can do. :mwink:

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Man said:
Only small minded imbeciles with a brain capacity just barely high enough not to be called brain dead slander good people on forums and the internet.
You should probably do some research before spouting your next tantrum. Slander is oral defamation of character and libel is written defamation. While Jon appears to be guilty of neither, you seem close to the latter. Please don't think that posting such messages under a pseudonym provides you with protection. (See Melvin v. Doe, for example).

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post by "MAN"

My name is Jess and I'm the customer service manager for Coker Tire. I owe an apology to Jon and this forum for the post made by "MAN". One of my overzealous sales representatives, Andy, took it upon himself to post this response. The post was not made by Mr. Coker, as he is out of the country at this time. Again, please accept my apology for this unauthorized post by one of my employees, he has been disciplined accordingly as this action was completely out of line.

Customer Service Manager
Coker Tire Co.
1-800-251-6336 ext. 263

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That apology was not acceptable.

I think you guys are doing exactly what Stephen Andrews tried to do, and exactly what Corky Coker tried to do. Pass the blame to someone else, or to a lower-level fall guy. Someone needs to take responsibility for this scandal. If you think you can out-spin us, you're nuts.

Corky had indeed better be out of the country. Off of the planet might be a better option for him right now.

I would like to speak with a representative from SEMA regarding this situation. And not some lower-level chump. Whoever's in charge.

After reading Coker's blog: , I can see his deep ties to SEMA. His blog says: "I recently served as Chairman of the Board of SEMA from 2003 through 2005." Is that true? Please, please tell me it's not. Because I am beginning to see the connections here between Coker Tire, Gas Monkey Garage, and SEMA.

Also, if there's anyone who has not completely died of laughter yet, read the first two sentences in Corky's blog: Here's a screenshot:

Coker, Coker, Coker. Honest, honest, honest, honest.

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Thank you for that. It helps restore some faith.

I hope the disciplinary action takes into account the understandable motive to defend Coker Tire and Corky. The person's action was certainly wrong, including the hypocrisy of posting a real name and attacking the person owning that name while making the offensive post under a pseudonym. It is interesting to note Mr. Coker inspires loyalty in employees.

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Just an FYI

I live outside of Chattanooga, and have met Mr. Coker at some of the Chattanooga hotrod shows and Cruise ins but met is all I don't know him. He seems to be a decent person from my limited interactions. I do know he has a good reputation and is well liked in the local Hotrod community. The post from him didn't seem like the person I met. An additional piece of information is that "Honest Charlie's" is a local old style hotrod shop and everyone in there goes by "Honest Whatever" I've been in the shop a time or two but not done much business with them. I have no idea if Honest Charles is in any way related in a business to Coker Tire or the family of businesses.

All that Said I agree with Jon about GMGs Marketing Tactics they owe a lot of apologies. While I can admire the workmanship, engineering, and creative thought in this style of rods I have to agree with Classix about the TEA.


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Corky Coker may indeed be a fine man. Same for David Coker, Richard Rawlings, Stephen Andrews, or anyone else involved in this monumental, hilarious screwup.

I don't know any of them personally. We've never met.

My life experience has demonstrated that you can't really determine how fine or good of a person someone is until you've taken the time to really get to to know them. In my experience, this typically takes at least a few months, usually longer.

I think that character references detract us from the greater issue, which is that we must gain a deeper understanding of the web of words and tactics that is used to propagandize and influence culture on the internet.

Furthermore, I still haven't gotten an answer to my question:

A photograph of two guys in "Spank My Monkey" thongs, and a video of a guy declaring himself to be the "Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World" were posted on our forums.

Who funded this act? Who exchanged money, goods, or services such that this would take place?

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This just keeps getting better and better... :thumbup:


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Very interesting information Dutchman....Thanks for sharing. :thumbup: I wonder if all these folks know what is going on? 2007 SEMA Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board
Mitch Williams
Vehicle Performance Systems Inc.

Jim Cozzie
Zoom Performance Products

Board Members
Ralph Accinno
Racers Equipment Warehouse

Matt Agosta
Steele Rubber Products

Joel Ayres
Leer/Truck Accessories Group

Paul "Scooter" Brothers
Competition Cams

Craig Chatt
Lund International

Doug Evans

Dennis Gage
"My Classic Car," Bradley David Productions

Anne Graves
SECO Performance Centers

Kathy Bybee Hartzell

Dick Hill
Centerforce Clutches

Anne K. Johnson
California Truck Works

Patrick Judge
Keystone Automotive

Chuck Lombardo
California Street Rods

Dennis Overholser
Painless Performance

Bill Perry
Bill Perry & Associates

Robert Price
Reliable Automotive

Richard Sherman
Baer Brakes

Steve Swanson
Considine Sales & Marketing

Chris Thomson
Airaid Filter Company

Bill Wagner, Jr.
Husky Liners

Bob West
Westin Automotive Products

Jon Wyly
Arrow Speed Warehouse

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Here's an analysis of the "Corky has left the country" post, made by "jessh", from Coker Tire (verified by IP address). Here's a link to the post again: Corky Coker has left the country.

And here's the play-by-play:

After we showed that the two posts from "Corky Coker" and "Man" were posted from the same exact IP address, jessh, the representative from Coker Tire, said:
jessh said:
The post was not made by Mr. Coker, as he is out of the country at this time.
Interesting. Which post was not made by Mr. Coker? Corky made a first post here, didn't he? It was the one made by the username "Corky Coker", signed "Corky Coker", and included the private email that I had sent. Ummmmm, that was Corky, right? Let's ask Corky:

"Hey Corky, that was you, right?"

But then, jessh says that Corky didn't make the post "as he is out of the country at this time". What does that mean?

Corky made the first post, didn't he? Was he in the country when he made that post? Did he make that post, and then leave the country, and then someone else made the second post? I guess I'm not smart enough to figure it out.

By the way, I think that everyone will enjoy the latest edition to the new Monkey Boys section of Here it is: Corky Coker is a Jerk.

Hey Corky -- we don't want to bother you while you're "out of the country". But, as soon as you return, we'd appreciate it if you stopped by the Hotrodders Bulletin Board and apologized.

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And, don't worry guys. I have some fresh new material for us.

I just couldn't get Corky's famous line out of my head. It describes this situation perfectly. When asked about the obvious scripting in the video, Corky said: "It looks like my brother just had these guys build a car for him".

Watch closely, this is a 3-part series.


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So, now we've found out the truth about Richard, the ridiculous story behind Stephen Andrews's production company, and we've had a really interesting encounter with Coker Tire.

Anyway, a while back, we requested that the Gas Monkey Garage video be removed from the web, and that we receive a genuine and honest apology from Gas Monkey Garage for spamming our board with their "Spank My Monkey" photos, and for infecting our community with their "Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World" video.

We got our first goal accomplished, but not because we asked nicely. The video was pulled from the web after we put up our hilarious parody video: Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World Parody.

But, we didn't get our genuine and honest apology from Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage. Instead, we got manipulated and pushed around by Coker Tire. They tried to intimidate us and scare us, and they failed miserably. Then some unknown Neanderthal posts on the board, under the username of "Man". Of course, "Man" was posting with the same IP address that Corky Coker just used. Whoooops! What a monumental public relations disaster by Coker Tire. Has anyone ever seen such a large company do something so stupid in such a public environment? Nice work, "Man". Or, as David Coker said in the famous video: "Awwwwww.....Man".

Removal of the video, and a decent apology, was all we asked.

But as more and more people (Richard Rawlings, Stephen Andrews, Corky Coker) try to manipulate us, the wish list grows longer and longer.

Now, here's what I'd like to request, on behalf of the Hotrodders Bulletin Board:

1. An honest, genuine apology from Richard Rawlings and Gas Monkey Garage for allowing the Spank My Monkey photo, and the "Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World", to be posted on our forums.

2. An honest, genuine apology from Corky Coker for being a jerk.

3. An admission of responsibility from whoever financed the "Spank My Monkey" photograph, and Richard's Rawlings's despicable, retarded video: "The Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World".

4. A statement from David Coker regarding this situation.

5. A statement from SEMA regarding this situation.

There is also something else that I personally want. I want it very, very much, and I hope someone can help me get it.

I want a copy of the script for Gas Monkey Garage's original "Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World" video.

The reason that I want it is that I want to scan it into my computer, and upload the scanned pages to the web so that everyone can see exactly how this garbage was scripted.

If anyone can get me a copy of that script, it would really mean a lot to me.

Once again kids, for all the hilarious parody material, including the famous video, the truth about the production company, and our newest article: "Corky Coker is a Jerk", see the newest section of Monkey Boys Garage.
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