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Gas Monkey Garage is giving away a Hot Rod - need your help

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Hi Everyone,

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage is giving away a hot rod. We need your help in 2 ways.

1. We need a worthy charity that we can raise money for. We aim to sell T-Shirts in order for people to go into the draw. We want to give the profits to a good charity. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

2. We are going to be documenting the build out and posting the film on you tube - The first video is posted. What would you like to see in the build out - specifically???

Check out the video here:
Gas Monkey Garage Hot Rod video

I am adding a couple of pictures of the 31 etc.

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I entirely missed the anti-Christ edit. And from another post...

"Just because someone else says something, it doesn�t either make it so, make it right, or true. I don�t care for any �anti-Christ� statement at all."

who said that, and when?

And on what day did it reappear on you tube with that edited out....

Added August 30, 2006

Can't make cause out of correlation, but that's kinda co-incidental.

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suppa roosta said:
It's too bad you feel that way.
I was in the process of posting my credentials and some sage advice as to beating these clowns at their own game.

But hey what do I know...

By the way I've lurked for over a year and registered in Jan 2006 after I felt comfortable with the enviroment.

Thanks for enlightening me...
Don't think that Jon was talking just about you.................many of the posts have been made by new members. It seems strange that so many new members are willing to jump in with their opinions, while us older ones are sitting back waiting to see what happens.

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poncho62 said:
Don't think that Jon was talking just about you.................many of the posts have been made by new members. It seems strange that so many new members are willing to jump in with their opinions, while us older ones are sitting back waiting to see what happens.
Thank you for your post Poncho, but I do believe it was directed at me.

As a former Admin of a UBB with a userbase of of over 90,000 there is one thing I've learned.
It's the userbase that keeps sites alive, whether they registered yesterday or have 40,000 posts.

You never know who's stepping up to the plate or what they bring with them...

I too have been sitting back and watching (after a couple attempts at levity) but the light at the end of the tunnel isn't looking to be the sun, I was going to offer a way to derail this impending train wreck...

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No, suppa roosta, it was directed at me. Like I asked, how long do you have to be a member before you earn the right to have an opinion?

You probably wonder why I just don't do away. I guess I like watching train wrecks, too.


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You are right Jon, there is something very destructive about this. Eventually this imiage will kill hotroding like it killed motorcycling during the 60s. People will get to the point they don't want to be around or associated with people like this.

I was at a Harley dealer(one of the nation's largest) last week with my son. I was amazed at the middle aged fat guys, corporate types, with shaven heads and all dressed up in roll playing bad boy biker outfits. A 45-50 year old biker chick appropriately dressed for Sturgis started pawing on me, I guess to see if she could sell me a bike. After I blew her off, I started watching what was playing out as about 30 guys were looking at bikes. They were buying into a lifestyle, rather than just a bike. I think that is what is happening with the rat rodders. It is mostly a bunch of rich ******* trying to change their image.

It is my guess that Corky will weigh his options and make a business decision.
Our problem is that we don't know how deep this culture has invaded Hotrodding and SEMA. I saw a bunch of photos taken at the SEMA convention and a lot of them had evidence of this kind of stuff. They have removed the link so... The porn, sex and homosexual industries have been for years trying to get inside legitimate business. It may be too deep rooted within the corporate structure to do anything.

An example is Ford Motor Company Chairman (Ford) has gone to war with the American Family Association that has organized a boycott of Ford over Ford's support of the homosexual adgenda. This has driven Ford to the verge of bankrupcy. I guess that Ford is so involved that they won't back off without a management change.

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mosstrooper said:
Richard Rawlings claims another Stage Win in his....... er? Rat Rod.

That's an even worse picture than the "SMM" thong. I own a Beemer but I don't use it to promote my 74 Javelin. Im my opinon the they shouldn't be mixed and matched. Jeez what a waste of a good 7series. Rawlings needs to get a clue.

Hey Dodgy we see you lurking :nono:

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Jon said:
--And, why don't I just tell you exactly what dodgy and Corky Coker are doing here, what it's all about? Why don't I just take all the evidence, and prove the point while everyone watches and agrees? I have a reputation for being straightforward on these forums. Why play around? Why do I insist that you figure it out on your own?

I guess I might as well throw my opinion in on this here.
The way I see it, This is a big advertising gimmick. Like everyone and their grandma has said, they were acting like they were with a charity to try and make their advertisement less obivious.

I think this whole thing could have been avoided if they had only apologized like Jon asked in the beginning, but now I think its gone way out of hand. I think that they didn't apologize to begin with, as it would hurt their "bad boy" image they were protraying and make them seem like a bad company(which I think they've already done)

They keep trying to act like this is nothing to them, so they make a couple posts and think this will all go away and "act" like its nothing. But yet Ive seen Dodgy lurking several times, and they have changed and moved their video, so its obivious this is getting to them.

If they admitted about who funded this and apologized, it would be wasting their advertising money, and ruin the "bad boy" image. It would also mean admitting to this marketing scheme and thus hurting their reputation even more.

And Im just gonna take a shot in the dark on this last one, Jon I see it as your not telling us outright the reason since you want us to figure it out on our own. Is because You want to prove how deep this marketing crap has gone already into the hotrodding scene and this is helping us hotrodders realize this on our own so we can try and put this marketing crap out of its misery before it ruins our great hobby, and before people think of hotrodders as some bad people, rather than some guys in our shops working on our dream cars.
Oh yeah, I got some free time now, So I'll crank out a few more parodies later tonight :D

EDIT: I just wanna say Hi to dodgy who is now lurking around this thread. Come on and post ya sneaky bastard! And to NOTACHAINER whos also lurking, I know what your thinking....and don't even try it again :boxing:


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kulture has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry. How many new products appear at the sema show specifically directed at hotrod kulture?

as long as i've been a member here, the thing that has impressed me the most, has been the sincerity and non-poserness of the members associated here. posers have always been called out. but this time, they got called by the man.
I do not like the 'kulture' aspect of this hobby, as you can ask anyone who was there when the old days were happening, there wasn't any kulture involved. a krowd has usurped a historical period and twisted it to their own ends. Unfortunately, the krowd has money, and where there's money to be spent, theres someone waiting to take it from them..... I think this all boils down to some piss poor marketing from a blatant ****-non-petro-sexual person just wanting to capitalize on the backs of the joe blow rodder. theres no kulture here. just raw hardcore good for building your rod tech. you want kulture, click the links on the gmg site. not my cup of tea thank you.

ima close with this.... perception is reality.

if you perceive me to be a lame-o, then, ima lame-o.

if you or your company are perceived to be poser/sellout/wannabes, then guess what, you are.

but keep in mind, there's always someone just like you who thinks your kool. and thats what this is all about. gmg might build a neat car, but they aren't anyone I would want influencing my peers or children.

and that was before i knew they were male reproductive organ suckers..... does that pass the profanity filter?

my question would be, what friggin company in their right redblooded american minds would allow someone like that to represent them?

pardon me, is that a penis in your mouth? :p

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We asked Corky Coker many times if he had funded the "Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World" video, and/or the "Spank My Monkey" photograph. We asked him if he had exchanged money, goods, or services such that either one of those would be produced and posted on our forums in clear violation of our guidelines.

Why wouldn't Corky Coker simply tell us, yes or no, whether or not he funded the video and/or the photograph? We even spelled it out for him that it's obvious he's involved, in our article: It Looks Like.... He pulled out every line in the book. His "I don't even know Richard Rawlings" stuff was funny. He doesn't need to know Richard himself to set up this deal. He has a large company. Someone else can set it up.

He finally closed with a "Gas Monkey should not have used our name", which tells us nothing. He's trying to make a lame concession to us, without telling us the one question we want answered: Did you, Corky Coker, or your company Coker Tire, or your brother David Coker, or his company Newstalgia Wheel fund the 'Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World' video and/or the 'Spank My Monkey' photograph, or not?"

Why does he do this? Because he sees us researching Stephen Andrews, in our article: The Truth about Dodgy Monkey Marketing. He knows we're going to find something out that he doesn't want us to know. He knows that he shouldn't explicitly say: "Yes, I funded the 'Anti-Christ of the Hot Rod World' video and/or the 'Spank My Monkey' photograph", because it will come back to haunt him. Obviously, he had some hand in it, so he can't legally say: "No, I was not involved in any way in the funding of the video and/or the photo".

What did we find out? What was Corky hiding?

We found evidence of Corky Coker's, Coker Tire's, David Coker's, Newstalgia Wheel's, Richard Rawlings's, Gas Monkey Garage's, Stephen Andrews's, Dodgy Monkey Media's, and SEMA's ties to the pornography industry.

Richard Rawlings is the "Impresario" for Bullrun. Bullrun uses Playboy Playmates for promotion, and, at the end of the rally, everyone has a party at the Playboy Mansion. Interesting.

The production company, Dodgy Monkey Media, is run by Stephen Andrews, AKA "dodgymonkey". We found some very naughty photos and information posted by "dodgymonkey", all over the net, including the famous fellatio x-ray screenshot. We said in a discussion that Stephen should "Get his head examined, possibly even X-rayed". Soon thereafter, dodgymonkey's porn profiles began disappearing from the web. That was quick. Good thing we have our screenshots. Just like we have copies of your original video, even though you've apparently edited it, and re-released your edited version on the web.

Gas Monkey Garage, you guys thought you could produce some lame bad-boy hotrodding propaganda and get away with it. Dodgy Monkey Media, you thought you could come in here and manipulate us with your "let's donate to charity" tactic. We gave you numerous chances to pull the video off the net, to apologize, and to be honest with us. You attempted to manipulate us at every turn. Dodgy Monkey Media, you pulled some legal scare tactics to get our hilarious parody video pulled off the net. That threatened our free speech, the most valuable thing we have. Coker Tire, you made some very questionable remarks about my personal safety and privacy through a shady IP address maneuver. Corky Coker, you broke copyright law in your first post.

We now have clear, definite, and positive proof of Richard Rawlings's, Gas Monkey Garage's, Stephen Andrews's, Dodgy Monkey Media's, Corky Coker's, Coker Tire's, David Coker's, Newstalgia Wheel's, and SEMA's ties to the pornography industry.

Nothing wrong with porn specifically. Everyone's looked at it before. What you do with your life is your choice. That's what freedom is all about.

However, I'm sure you guys are squirming right now.

We can't be taken out. We have friends in high and low places on the web. We have backups all over the world, and our backups have backups. We know all the other large hotrodding forums on the web.

Why did we email so many automotive marketers? Because they're watching this right now.

Why did we make such a big hilarious joke out of this? Because those jokes spread like wildfire. Official complaints do nothing. We've clearly demonstrated that we can use laughter to spread our message. We can do guerrilla marketing too.

Why did we re-post such a distasteful photograph in front of all of our members? Because we wanted to show that we're not going to be afraid to show everyone the exact proof that proves what's going on. If we have to show them, we'll do it.

What's up with our deep analysis of every move? The marketers saw it. They know we're smart and savvy. They know they better not push us around, or try to manipulate us. Word will spread.

Why wasn't this just revealed to our members? Because our members need to figure this out for themselves. Everyone needs to learn to see through the layers.

I've closed this discussion. I can see that it will soon spin out of control. Anyone is welcome to start a new discussion if they like. Or two, or two hundred. We still have some unresolved issues that require our attention. Specifically, the "Honest Charlie" investigation for right now. And, more work on our Monkey Boys Media Center. Plus, a few other minor issues that also require our attention.

And, by the way: Richard Rawlings, Gas Monkey Garage, Stephen Andrews, Dodgy Monkey Media, Corky Coker, Coker Tire, David Coker, Newstalgia Wheel, and SEMA: the paradigm is drastically shifting. You have absolutely no idea whatsoever what you're doing. You're dependent on one-way, magazine and television based marketing, and your methods are obviously failing in the online world. You need to wise up very quickly, or move out of the way.



Your friends on the Hotrodders Bulletin Board ;).
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