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gass mileage help

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i have a 93 dodge Dakota 3.9 liter, fuel injected truck. my gas mileage suxs i mean i'm at the gas station every other day to fill it. their is no gas leak anywhere. is their anything that i can do to get the mileage better. i mean it's a pain almost all of my money goes for gas.
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What type of MPG are you getting? Whens the last time you did a full tuneup (wires, cap, plugs, filters, etc.)? Dont forget to check your oxygen sensor and pcv. Any engine codes?

Let us know what you've already done to combat this problem.

For now, more tire pressure and drive with the tailgate down. All synthetic lubes (engine, transmission, and rear) will help with friction and allow the parts to move easier thus making it easier on gas.

These engines weren't especially easy on gas (or the environment for that matter) from the factory. They got around 14 city and 18 hwy stock. Somewhat sucky for a 6 cylinder.

my MPG is like 17 miles per gallon is that normal or what i'm in auto body so idk. i think i had a full tune up.
17 mpg

thats not to bad for your truck i would check the tire pressures and drive it like a grandma. on one of my saturns if i drove it nice i could get just under 30mpg but I also could get that down to as low at the mid teens for mpg if driven very hard.
17's good for that truck. Doesn't mean it cant be improved upon but thats on the higher end of the average mpg for that vehicle.

i baby my truck and still 17 mpg is it. is their any way i can fix the gas mileage.
Get a 4 cylinder? Technically there is nothing wrong with your gas mileage being 17mpg. That is on the HIGH end of what those engines in those trucks got. Take the tips I suggested, and some from the site 1BAD80 posted . . and you might gain a gallon or two. Short of that, get a little CRX or something to do your daily driving in.

Personally if I had a car that was supposed to average 16mpg and I was getting 17 Id consider myself somewhat lucky :).

Good luck.
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