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hello everyone,

i'm new to this forum and i thought i would ask the gurus of interior work how they think i can get started on this "tri" gauge pod idea.

i have an 85 toyota supra and its difficult to find these parts anywhere. (except for dual pods). i have kinda of an idea to start.. this is what i was thinking:

1. take the old A-pillar trim off and line it with tape so resin doesn't stick to the original

3. make the shape of the pod... not sure with what yet (wood or something and tape it off.

4. use scrap cloth (like a shirt) and cover the trim and cover it with resin. dry

5. line the inside of it with tape again.....and use that as the mold for the real fiber glass pod.

6. seperate it and i should have my basic shape. then fix it up with bondo and glaze and such to smooth it out and make it look presentable.

what do you guys think? is there an easier way? am i going the wrong way about this?

i'm ready to start learning :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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