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56 chev on 79 chassis, 62 LeSabre
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slower than i hoped cause i ended up working all day on a "4 hour job" yesterday and didnt get much done. i pulled the covers off and drained the oil, (my friend burned it all in his shops wood stove!), and pulled one side of the front axle out. pulled the full floating axles out of the 14" in back.
yesterday he had the carrier out of the 14 bolt. turns out it used to be a posi unit back in the day, but blew up and turned into a open carrier. we are welding it so he had to remove all the discs clutches and little gear thingies that do magic things in there. he pressed the pinion bearing off and then dropped it into a "fry baby" french fry maker full of 30 wgt. it stunk up the shop but then it dropped right onto the new pinion gear like right now. definitely the only way to go. hope to get this thing done in a week or less. cant work on it today or tomorrow.
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