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Gene Winfield Classes

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Does anyone know the dates and locations of the Gene Winfield Classes this year??
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He had some classes in may, was in Canada not too long ago. He has his annual gathering in October, here's a link I posted earlier. Maybe you can get lucky and attend both the classes and the gathering. This years gathering is a must for any diehard car guy, it's a who who of the custom world in attendance. I definitely will be there! I went last year, it was very cool. Check out the H.A.M.B. board for some good pics of last years gathering, do a search for Winfield, they'll come up.

He has a shop in Mojave, Ca. I drive by there a few times a month, went by there today. It looked closed today, they may be at a meet somewhere, probably the Louisville nats. I'll stop by there Friday to see if I can get some info for you, remind me this weekend to post, I'm old and forgetful.. :D If not, he sends me a flyer for posting the info.

I took the class twice, beenaway2long took it also, he has some good photos in his journal of the class. $175 a day, well worth it just to see this guy work, he's a magician with metal.
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I drove by Genes place Friday, stopped in for a quick visit. He has tentatively set Oct. 31, Nov. 1 for the 2 days class, he will know for sure by the end of this week. he always sends me a flyer, I will confirm the dates for him.

He is very excited about the Gathering, as he calls it, October 11. This years gathering is going to honor the following builders: Sam and Chip Foose, George Barris, and Bill Hines. Barris and Hines were also at the last gathering. Bo Hopkins will be there from the movie "American Grafitti" and Barry Meguier will be there covering the gathering for his show "Car Crazy".
There will be a tribute to Von Dutch and Ed Roth, featuring the Roth boyz, Dennis, Charlie, George and Darryl.
Gene is real fired up about a pinstripers tent, there will be guys from all around the world, J.R. Conway, Dick Jackson and Dave Whittle are hosting this part of the show.

The following is a list of guys that have been invited. Bill Carter, Jimmy C., D.A. Garcia, Kenny Ginnings, Art Himsl, Bo Huff, Dean Jeffries, Tom Kelly, Herb Martinez, Brad Masterson, Roger O'Dell, Rod powell, Dennis Ricklefs, Pete Santini, Wild Bill Spears, Bob Spina, Steve Stanford, Thom Taylor, Robert Taylor, and many more. (Taken from the flyer he gave me.)
Pre-1965 cars, 10 bucks to enter the show, gets you a dash plaque also.

I'm going, come heqq or high water! If you want anymore info, P.m. or ask, I have a list of hotels in the area. I went last year, there were a lot of people while I was there, a couple of hundred or so, Gene is expecting many more as the word gets out. I don't think there is any show where you can actually meet and walk about with the big guys of the custom world, all in one place.
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