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getting into pro racing

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I think the biggest mystery for hotrodders is how to get into pro racing either on a team as a mechanic or as a driver.

My interest is getting onto a team as a team mechanic. After 12 years of technical training and a ton of experience building and diagnosing car truck you name it. Having attained every conceivable certification you could think of and making a break through into this field is as much of a mystery now as it was when I barely knew how to change oil on my dad's jeep cherokee.

Some words of advice or a plan of action anyone would be nice??
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Do you know anyone on a pro team? ...or know someone, who knows someone on a team? Have you tried contacting pro teams in your area? Any local businesses involved... like an engine shop? How about volunteering to help a local team for free on weekends, to get some actual experience. That is something my brother has done just for fun.

You might also try starting with a local amateur-bracket team... get you feet wet... make some contacts... then try to move up.
This applies to Nostalgia fuel funny car or Nostalgia fuel dragster and Pro mod..

Try hanging around the type of car you are interested in. Get to know the team members and members of the other teams. Talk to them. express your interest, ask if you can hang around with them. Sooner or later something will need attention that you can handle. We call it "paying your dues".

I wouldn't get my hopes up on getting hired on a "big show " team right away as these guys have all "paid". However the Nostalgia cars are probably more fun. It would be nice if you can talk "nitro" and other race fuel. Get to know the rules of the class like the back of your hand.

Here is are a few things that would get you in the door on my team. NFC.

Install the crank, know which way the main bearings go and why,know which way the front and rear seals go, establish the end play.

Trivia question...what are those big round plug like things in the crank counter weights???

Know how to end gap the rings. Know what **** rings are and what gapless rings are. Know how to install all of these.

Find TDC, check the pointer location and condition, install the cam and degree it in less than 2 minutes. Dead on the first time.

Install the mag and set the timing at 55 deg BTDC. Install the cap and lay the wires out in order on each side. Miss by a degee the first time and you are out. Don't even think about it being 180 off or put the plug wires on the wrong plug.

It would be nice to know a little bit about blowers. What's legal and what OD you can run.

A basic understanding of the mechanical fuel injection would be nice.

Understand that there are many critical things on a NFC. many you will never hear of any place else. Make one simple mistake and serious things can happen.

The day it is 99 degrees and not a cloud in the sky and your car burns 4 pistons or kicks the rods out and you have to do a complete motor in a hour and a half to make the next round will be the day you decide to continue this madness or just watch as a spectator.

We do have our barbecue at the end of the day win or lose but during the race we are busy every minute. There is very little time to check out the rest of the race. There is no "rock star" on our team. Even the owner/driver gets his hands dirty.

Go to "Goodvibrations racing" and read all the tech stuff.

If you have some truck and trailer experience you would have a good chance as most teams are lost when it come to the trailer and truck. Especially diesel. Might help to have a cdl with air brake and haz mat.
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