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Need some advice on my doors. I have a 69 mustang and I have had no luck getting the doors flat, They bows out in the middle. Booth doors are this way and I think it is actually the way they are from the factory. I was able to get the passengers door flat but if you look at the jamb the filler is quite thick. Not over the limit but close.

Does anyone know if these doors are just that way or what. It is driving me nuts. I had no issues with the deck lid, roof or hood, Just the doors. I just can't seam to get them to shape out the way I think they should be. I am about ready to strip them to bare metal and start over, Or replace them. But I am reluctant to replace them since the quarters I got were such pieces of junk. I had to cut them up into patch panels because the body lines would not line up.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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