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I happened on to this site the other night when Googling "How to use HVLP Painting for first timers and found this site. I use to read Hotrodders Magazine years ago. It was very informative in its day but now the Net is here and Q&A's are only a few key strokes away. I wished I had this site when I was building my 71 Chevelle SS it would have saved me a lot of mistakes. But hey we all learn from our mistakes at least were suppose to. This site has everything a backyard builder and Pro alike cuz even the Pro's don't know everything. You'll catch anyone with their nose in a manual. I hated reading books in school e.g. Tale of Two Cities, Hamlet. Give me a Manual for Christmas and I'd be as happy as can be. You can never have too many manuals. But even manuals can't answer all questions. There is always something missing either a diagram or a how did they do that. The magic of the internet and this site goes beyond manuals. Questions get answered, and I guess that's what this site is all about. I love learning and trying new things. My project for this year is to learn how to paint. I'm not sure weither I’ll go with HVLP or the old siphon gun I’ll have to read the pros and cons. One thing’s for sure is that I'm sure to find the right answer here with a world full of knowledgeable people here at Thanks for letting me in.


Mike Gayda
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